Loans for Belarusian Machinery Are Again Available at Favorable Conditions

The management of Ukrgasbank and the Government of the Republic of Belarus have signed an agreement, which allows the Ukrainian businessmen to get loans to buy Belarusian machinery at reasonable conditions.

Ukrgasbank’s press office reports that according to the agreement, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus will compensate Ukrgasbank the amount equal to 2/3 of the NBU discount rate to the extent recorded as of the date of concluding the loan agreement. As a result, the Ukrainian businessmen will be able to get loans to buy high-quality Belarusian machinery at great conditions.

The program will help the agricultural and other users of Belarusian equipment to do the following:

  • Update their machinery fleet;
  • Reduce maintenance costs;
  • Cut repair costs.

The agreement also applies to buying on credit a number of Belarus-produced goods. Such goods include the products from the machine-building industry such as automobile, agricultural and road-building machinery. In total, the list of machinery necessary for businessmen, which can be bought at good conditions, includes products from 77 Belarusian enterprises.

Kyrylo Shevchenko, who has been Chairman of the Board of JSB “Ukrgasbank,” since 2015, considers the signed agreement an important stage in developing fruitful cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus. For Ukrainian entrepreneurs, it is a unique opportunity to purchase high-quality Belarusian machinery at the best conditions, avoiding paying extra interest charges. K. Shevchenko has noted that previous program stages showed high interest among the Ukrainian businessmen. It is proven by the fact that more than 400 loans for a total amount of over UAH 500 million have been already issued within the program.

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