K. Shevchenko Becomes the Banker of the Year

The Business magazine “Business” named Kyrylo Shevchenko, Chairman of the Board of JSB “Ukrgasbank,” the Banker of the Year. In 2018, Ukrgasbank led by him became the leader in all indicators crucial for the business such as:

  • Increase in the loan portfolio issued to legal entities was 33%, which is UAH 43.4 billion;
  • Loan volumes issued for population increased by 61%, which means that in 2018, the Ukrainians got loans in the amount of UAH 1 Billion at Ukrgasbank;
  • Business funding volume reached UAH 44 billion.

Experts note that since in 2015 when K. Shevchenko took leadership over the Bank’s Board, the institution has been steadily shown high growth rates. Particularly, they stress out Ukrgasbank’s success in the eco-banking development sector. According to Kyrylo Shevchenko, such success became possible due to the full transformation of the institution. Approximately 30% of power in the eco-banking sector in 2017 and 50% in 2018 were switched to renewable energy sources. Implementation of the projects funded by the Bank reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1 MT each year.

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