K. Shevchenko Says that Implementation of Ukragasbank’s Eco-Projects Allows Saving over 570 Million m3 of Natural Gas a Year

Shevchenko, Chairman of the Board of JSB “Ukrgasbank,” told about the importance of eco-banking for energy independence of Ukraine.

The Increase in Volume of Eco-Loans in 2018

Since 2016, Ukrgasbank has been showing a steady growth in the volume of eco-loans, which has great social importance, allowing implementing a range of projects aiming at the following:

  • Reducing the volume of toxic emissions (by 1.2 MT of carbon dioxide a year);
  • Energy-saving (573 million mof natural gas a year);
  • Environmental improvement;
  • Reducing the expenses of banks’ clients and their partners.

Since the launch of eco-banking, Ukrgasbank has issued loans for approximately UAH 14.3 billion, including over UAH 7.6 billion issued in 2018. In comparison with 2017, the annual volume of eco-loans doubled. In 2019, Ukrgasbank is expecting an increase in the volume of eco-loans for up to UAH 19.5 billion.

The Largest Ukragasbank’s Eco-Projects

Today, Ukragasbank has 145 major eco-projects. The construction of the first solar power plant in Chornobyl Zone is regarded as the most socially important one. Using the exclusion zone for building solar power plants is a cost-efficient project since the solar power potential in this area is considerably higher than of the projects located in the same latitude. This is the first solar power plant operating in the NPP’s territory and supplying green electric power.

Financial Partnership with UNIDO

Ukrgasbank has become a financial partner of the UNIDO project. This project of The United Nations Industrial Development Organization aims at reducing manufacturing plants’ energy consumption volumes and increasing the efficiency of using other types of power. For the Ukrainian industry this means the following:

  • Availability of funding for projects dedicated to the improvement of energy-related process management;
  • Modernization of outdated equipment and manufacturing processes;
  • Use of modern energy-efficient technologies 
  • Significant saving of energy resources and funds spent on them.

Ukragasbank’s eco-projects are available for the Ukrainian manufacturers from any branch of industry, starting with agricultural and food industries to extraction of minerals and construction. Recently, Ukrgasbank has offered small and medium business its own product, which facilitates obtaining funds for an energy audit.

In 2018, Ukrgasbank became the leader in issuing loans for large companies. At the same time, it experienced maximum growth of the corporate business portfolio. Its private individual client bases increased to 1.5 million residents of Ukraine.

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